Rejuvenate Firm


    Rejuvenate Firm

    Boasting innovative materials and precise workmanship, this mattress will ensure you are rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead. The premium viscoe gel comfort layer will keep you cool and comfortable while you slumber and the Hi/Lo pocket spring system promises to perfectly contour to your body, regardless of your shape and size.


    This mattress is proudly Australian Made and comes with a 10-year Guarantee.

    Available in Single, King Single, Long Single, Double, Queen and King sizes.

    Custom sizes can be made upon request.

    This mattress comes in three comfort levels: Soft, Medium and Firm.

    See mattress image and icons below for key features of the Rejuvenate Firm.






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    Adaptive Technology
    Adaptive Technology: Adaptive is an award winning temperature control feature infused into the sanitised fabric on your sleeping surface to ensure cool, comfortable luxury while you sleep.
    Air Vents
    Air Vents: Allow circulation of air within the core to help regulate mattress temperature and provide a more comfortable night’s sleep.
    Bamboo Fabric
    Bamboo Fabric: Exceptionally soft and light, almost silky in feel, Bamboo is cool and breathable to sleep on. It is also highly absorbent, absorbing more water than conventional fibres such as cotton and polyester. Bamboo has antibacterial properties, is antistatic and has natural deodorising properties thus keeping your mattress fresher for longer. Most importantly, bamboo is sustainable to grow therefore is an environmentally friendly fibre to use in mattresses.
    Gel Infusion Technology
    Gel Infusion Technology: Nestled among layers of premium, high density foam is a layer with Viscoe Gel particles embedded in the foam to minimise pressure relief and keep the sleep surface at a balanced, consistent temperature throughout the night thus minimising the likelihood of overheating or cold feet while you sleep.
    Gibbens Hi/Lo Pocket Spring System
    Gibbens Hi/Lo Pocket Spring System: This unique pocket spring system includes Hi/Lo Pocket Technology in the centre third of the mattress to provide extra support and pressure relief. This means the pocket springs in the centre third are two different heights (high and low) and are nested (arranged in a tighter pattern) to allow more pocket springs to fit in the mattress and to provide exceptional support and contour to your hips and back.
    Premium Quality Ventilated Foam Box
    Premium Quality Ventilated Foam Box: Our custom designed foam encasement provides edge-to-edge support to eliminate sagging around the mattress. The ventilated feature in the design allows airflow through the mattress to eliminate excess heat and ensure a most comfortable sleep.
    Superior Visco Stretch Knit Fabric
    Superior Visco Stretch Knit Fabric: The viscose stretch knit and wool blend fabric encasing this mattress helps provide a perfect nest for the body and is specially designed to increase ventilation within the mattress and assist with temperature regulation across the mattress surface.
    Tight Stitch Quilt
    The tighter stitching pattern on the quilt surface aids in a stable, supportive feel while allowing the mattress to also conform to the sleeper’s natural body shape. Available in Single, King Single, Double, Queen, King and Custom sizes
    Ultimate Firm Comfort Layer
    Supportive layers of premium foam which provide a safe, firm sleeping surface for your body to relax into.